The Challenge

Hi Friends,

For my creativity project, i have decided to write a food blog for the month of November.  My goal is to check out 15 spots over 15 days, each for under 15 dollars, with the aim of eating great in Vancouver on a budget.

Here’s where the fun comes in.  I want to make this experience super interactive, so i would like to invite all of you to join me on my culinary adventure as guest judges. Here is my itinerary for the month:

tues nov 5: hokkaido ramen 5-6pm

thurs nov 7:  pizza farina 6-7pm

sat nov 9: red wagon 10-11 am

sun nov 10: harvest community kitchen 12-1pm

tues nov 12 au petite café.  5-6pm

thurs nov 14:meat and bread 1-2pm

sat nov 16: toshi’s 5-6pm

sun nov 17: cartem’s donuts 10-11am

tues nov 19.  vij’s railway express.  1-2pm

thursday nov 21: bao bei 6-7pm

sat nov 23: bob likes thai food 6-7 pm

sun nov 24: beaucoup bakery 10-11am

tues nov 26: la taqueria tbc exams

thursday nov 28 : burgoo tbc exams

saturday nov 30: butter 11-12pm

Send me a message to let me know what restaurant you would like to join me at or if you have any suggestions :).

Looking forward to chowing w ya,



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