Red Wagon

The Review: Today a big group of us checked out Red Wagon, my favorite, kitschy, breakfast spot in town.  Made famous for their pulled pork pancakes, and their appearance on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Red Wagon boasts a huge local following in Vancouver.

Because there was a such a big group of us (10) we waited outside for a bit and the guys indulged in appetizers from Churchs Chicken across the street.  Disappointingly, Mark found a huge hair in his chicken kebab… yuck!

Once seated inside Red Wagon, I enjoyed the Trucker breakfast which offers pretty much everything you could want to eat for $11.75 and includes: two eggs, two pancakes, two bacon or sausage, two toast, and hash.  Their eggs are cooked perfectly, their hash is delicious, and their pancakes are better than homemade!  Plus they make their own jam… who doesn’t love that???  All seven of today’s male judges, left FULL and loved their food.  They specifically raved about the pulled pork, drinking beer alongside brunch, and the Jack Daniels maple syrup.

Due to its popularity, when visiting Red Wagon, be sure to expect a wait.  It is rare when there isn’t a line up here, but the good news is they often serve homemade donuts, coffee, or cider while you wait to sweeten the deal!

The Rating: Red Wagon scored a 4 on ambiance, a 4.5 on menu, a 4.5 on pricing, a 5 on service, a 4.5 on presentation, and a 5 on taste generating an overall score of 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

The Quote of the Day: “I want to vomit delicious goodness”- Mark

The Website:  http://www.redwagoncafe.com

the pre-game


brunch at the bar

trucker breakfast

the boys

happy customers

the spread

the red wagon

Fraser keeping up on business news

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