Pho Tan

The Review: Due to a Wednesday closure, we quickly pivoted on our planned Au Petite Café visit to another delicious Vietnamese place on Main Street. Geo, Dave, Brett, Claudia and I hit up Pho Tan located at Main and 30th.  We were also celebrating a big day for Geo as this was his first time trying Vietnamese food!

Pho Tan’s is a cute little mom and pop shop that boasts cheep and tasty Vietnamese food.  The ambiance is friendly, the service is efficient, and the menu features a wide variety of favorites.  I ordered a delicious barbequed chicken bún (grilled meat and spring roll on vermicelli noodles and salad) and an iced Vietnamese coffee (a must) all for under $15 with tax and tip. The bun, which happens to be my favorite food, was awesome and didn’t disappoint. Claudia, Brett, and Dave all indulged in variations of pho and all raved about it’s delicious flavor and rich broth.

***When visiting Pho Tan be sure to hit the ATM first as it is cash only.

The Rating: Pho Tan scored a 3 on ambiance, a 3.5 on menu, a 4.5 on pricing, a 3 on service, a 3 on presentation, and a 4.5 on taste generating an overall score of 3 ½ stars.

The Quote of the Day: “the glamorous wedding photo hanging in the back made me want to get married to the noodles!!!”- Dave

“the best sweats”- Brett

“redunkulously good!  Oh pho sho!”- Claudia

“first time having authentic Vietnamese food.  I can say that the bun was fun!”- Geo

The Website: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/14/181404/restaurant/Riley-Park-Little-Mountain/Pho-Tan-Vietnamese-Restaurant-Vancouver




Geo and I

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