Meat and Bread

The Review: Today, Rohaan and I checked out Meat and Bread.  I had only visited this place once before for a very good friend’s wedding, but today was my first time eating lunch there.

Upon arriving to Gastown during the lunch hour rush, the lineup looked a little daunting.  But we soon noticed how quickly and efficiently it was moving.  The guys behind the counter worked feverously in an assembly line fashion to get you through the line up and eating your meat and bread as quickly as possible.  What’s cool is that everyday they do a different menu as posted on their website, ~ four sandwiches (mainly meat) and two soups.  This website enables you to check ahead during the week, and plan your visit accordingly.

Rohann indulged in two sandwiches- both the pork and the beef, while I opted for the grilled cheese.  The presentation of our sandwiches was on really nice cedar planks that we eagerly carried to our table to devower.

Rohann raved about both of his sandwiches saying that neither could be improved upon.  I also LOVED my grilled cheese.  I’m not sure of all the cheeses involved, but this sandwich was definitely over the top.

Meat and Bread, while busy, offers a really hip atmosphere, delicious back-to-the-basics sandwiches, and an amazing staff.

The Rating: Meat and Bread scored a 4.5 on ambiance, a 3.5 on menu, a 4 on pricing, a 4 on service, a 4 on presentation, and a 4.5 on taste generating an overall score of 4 stars.

The Quote of the Day: The Ferrari of grilled cheeses”- Lynnfield

The Website: http://meatandbread.ca

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the ambiance

pork and beef

grilled cheese

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