Cartem’s Donuts

The Review: Today Onur and I checked out Cartem’s donuts.  This is the little donut company born out of our MBA creativity class at UBC.  Walking into Cartem’s you are instantly hit with the delicious smell of warm, fresh donuts right out of the oven.  You also get a really great view of all of the bakers working away at the next batch of donuts.

Onur and I each got a donut and additionally shared one.  I tried the key lime pie donut which was absolutely delicious.  It was a bread based donut filled with rich key lime cream.  We also shared the beesting which is the perfect combination of sweet and savory.  It features a cake donut with what I believe to be a sweet glaze married with savory cheese and pepper to add a little kick.

Each donut cost $3, which while 3 times the price of a regular donut, we felt was priced appropriately given it’s premium quality and flavors We also ordered tea and coffee to go with our donuts and what’s cool is that they filtered and brewed your coffee right in front of you and directly into your cup.

I had a group meeting to head to shortly afterwards so I bought a ½ dozen additional donuts to share with them.  They absolutely loved the donuts and the unique and unexpected flavor pairings offered.  They donuts were quickly devowered right down to the very last crumb.

The Rating: Cartem’s scored a 4 on ambiance, a 3.5 on menu, a 3.5 on pricing, a 4 on service, a 4 on presentation, and a 4.5 on taste generating an overall score of 4 stars.

The Quote of the Day: There’s cheese on the donut??? – Onur

The Website: http://cartems.com


mmmmm donuts

key lime pie





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