Vij’s Railway Express

The Review: Today Arpit, Breanne, Jeff, Daniel, Karthik, and myself tracked down and checked out Vij’s Railway Express. Bonded by our love for Indian cuisine, we braved the elements and enjoyed lunch outside in the COOOOOLD -1 degree weather.

Despite the weather, we were all anxious to try “Canada’s best food truck” and the unique creations from the same chefs who brought us Vancouver’s favorite Vijs and Rangolis.

What’s cool about the Railway Express is that not only is the location different everyday, but so too is the menu.  Each month, they cycle through a variation of 10 new dishes and each day is a slightly different menu. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to determine their daily location and menu.

Today, I enjoyed the butter chicken snitzel which came with naam bread, rice, and sprouts.  It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Well worth the hype and I would concur that it is the BEST food I’ve eaten from a truck yet.  Daniel had the lamb kebab and stated “AMAZING kebab. Must try!!!”  Our resident Indian judges on today’s panel, Arpit and Karthik both tried the vegetarian-friendly chickpea salad and both really enjoyed it’s flavor. Arpit, requested that his be made “spicy” and he said that they even made it to his level of spice.

Additionally, since it was so cold out, we all kept ourselves warm with Vij’s chai which featured toasted almond flakes.  It was totally delightful and a definite must when visiting the truck!

The Rating: Vij’s Railway Express scored a 3 on ambiance, a 3.5 on menu, a 4 on pricing, a 4 on service, a 4 on presentation, and a 5 on taste generating an overall score of 4 stars.

The Quote of the Day: “Amazing experience of having hot spicy food on a cold morning with friends”. – Arpit

The Website: http://www.vijsrailwayexpress.com

the truck

chickpea salad

butter chicken snitzel

lamb kebab

warming up with chai

digging in

today’s panel


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