Beaucoup Bakery

The Review: Today, Aldin, Brian, Andres, and myself checked out Beaucoup Bakery in Kits.  This new French bakery has been generating a lot of buzz on Urbanspoon and I have driven by it a few times and it has always looked busy.

As with my previous drive-bys, Beaucoup Bakery was really busy when we checked it out.  It is quite small so finding seating was a little difficult due to its popularity.  That being said, as soon as you walk into Beaucoup Bakery, you fall in love with the ambiance and décor.  You instantly feel like you have been transported into a Parisian bakery.

I enjoyed both savory, a cheese and onion scone, and sweet, a pain au chocolat.  The pain au chocolat was as good as those in France- buttery, flakey, and delicious.  I also ordered a tea which was served on a beautiful tray complete with a little sand timer to ensure it was steeped to perfection.  Aldin and Brian both raved about the how delicious the scones were.

The Rating: Beaucoup Bakery scored a 4.5 on ambiance, a 3.5 on menu, a 3 on pricing, a 4 on service, a 4.5 on presentation, and a 4.5 on taste generating an overall score of 4 stars.

The Quote of the Day:  “the scone is great!” – Aldin

The Website: http://www.beaucoupbakery.com

straight from paris

delicious goodies

the lovely ambiance

tea timed to perfection

sweet and savory



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