La Taqueria

The Review: Today a huge group of us checked out La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop at Cambie and Broadway.  This colourful little spot offers some of the best tacos in Vancouver made from local, organic, and sustainable products.  This location as well as their West Hastings location is always buzzing with a loyal crowd and you feel nostalgic for Mexican vacations past as soon as you enter the doors.

They feature a well-rounded menu with just about every flavor of taco you can dream up.  For $9.50 you can get 4 meat tacos or pay $7 for 4 veggies tacos.  I enjoyed a Pollo Con Mole (chicken mole), a Pescado (fish) , a Tinga De Hongos (spicy mushroom) and a Raja Con Crema (creamed corn) taco plus a cinnamon milk drink that Mauricio, our resident judge, recommended.  All of my tacos were delicious and I love that variety that you get with each one. The spicy mushroom, to my surprise, would definitely be my favorite!!!

All the guys and girls on today’s blog LOVED the tacos, but the guys said they could have used some additional sides to fill up on.

Fun Fact:  Per Mauricio, “Pinche” means “f#@k” in Spanish, therefore La Taqueria, F#@king Taco Shop.

The Review: La Taqueria scored a 4 on ambiance, a 4.5 on menu, a 3.5 on pricing, a 4.5 on service, a 4 on presentation, and a 5 on taste generating an overall score of 4 stars.

The Quote of the Day: “The fish taco tastes fishy”- James

“Los tacos estaban deliciosos, pero me comí una de más y ahora me temo que podría cagar mis pantalones jugando al hockey. Delicioso!” – Dave

The Website: http://lataqueria.ca

la taqueria- f@#king taco shop

today’s panel

so many tacos

happy customers

the crew

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