The Review: Today Sam and I headed over to Butter on Dunbar for an amazing high tea.  Walking into Butter, you are taken aback by how beautiful the décor is.  It features floral wall paper, chandeliers, and a checkerboard floor, while each table is adorned with perfectly mis-matched tea sets.

For $14 I got their smaller high tea which included two sandwiches, a chocolate hazelnut scone with clotted cream and preserves, 5 different desserts, and my choice of tea.  It was more than enough for one person and totally amazing.  All of their baked goodies are of the up-most quality and I especially adored the scone and mint nanaimo square.

The Rating: Butter scored a 5 on ambiance, a 4 on menu, a 3.5 on pricing, a 5 on service, a 5 on presentation, and a 5 on taste generating an overall score of 4.5 stars.

The Quote of the Day: “A high tea for high expectations!” – Lynnfield

The Website: http://www.butterbakedgoods.com

the decor

the table settings

high tea

Sam and I

the delicious spread!

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