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Focusing On My Skills

For the past 3 months of the MBA program I have been consciously reflecting on what my strongest skills are. We are given so many team projects through the program and with each of these opportunities, I ask myself what value I am adding to the a team and where my strengths lie. Here are what I am identifying as my strongest skills:

1) Organization and Time Management

This is by far my biggest strength. I am really REALLY organized and exercise excellent time management skills. I organize my icalendar by colour and then block out each day with how much time I allot for each project, assignment, etc. It really helps me stay on track and I notice others in the program come to me to determine what deliverables are coming up and what they need to focus on.

2) Creativity

This one just comes naturally to me, having a background in design and fashion. I try to infuse creativity into everything I do and create. I am proving to be the go-to for style advice, design work, branding, marketing, and presentations. I have also been helping several classmates with their creativity project ideas and execution.

3) Writing

I am really discovering myself as a writer recently. I am having the time of my life writing my food blog! I also really enjoy writing these e-portfolio posts as well as projects and cases. I find writing flows easily and naturally for me and I have been getting great feedback from profs and collegues about my personal voice. I have also been helping some of the international students with editing their projects and letters.

4) Leadership

More and more I am noticing my leadership skills are developing throughout the MBA program. I think that my style focuses on empowering and engaging those around me through inspiration, motivation, positivity, creativity, and healthy discussion. I also focus on always demonstrating my core values of honesty, integrity, and approachability when working with others.

5) Idea Generation

Throughout the program, I am learning that idea generation is a HUGE skill of mine. I thrive in brainstorming, idea generation, and inspiration sessions. I am very much looking forward to continuing to develop this skill throughout the Innovation and Entrepreneurship track.

6) Teamwork

When reflecting on my group projects and also my past 12 years of work experience, I have realized that I can work with anyone and everyone. I focus on being approachable, respectful, helpful, and collaborative. Knock on wood, but I have yet to find someone that I can’t work with :).

7) Presentations

In all groups I am the presentation builder. I have a great eye for colour, design, layout, type etc. I ensure that my presentations look esthetically pleasing and visually exciting.

8) Consumer Behavior

This one hasn’t been developed through school yet ( I am taking this class next term) but has come from my work experience as a Designer and Colourist . I am very skilled in knowing exactly what my customer wants even if she don’t know it yet. I have a proven track record of delivering the right product assortment to address all of her wants and needs.

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