La Mezcaleria

The Review: Recently, some friends and I checked out La Mezcaleria. This great new Mexican restaurant, situated in the heart of Commerical Drive is the latest venture from the owners of La Taqueria.

Thankfully, booking a reservation, we were able to bi-pass the bustling crowd eagerly awaiting to be seated. Once inside, the interior of this restaurant offers a really appealing modern esthetic with a casual indoor/outdoor feel to include a green wall. You also have to option of sitting at the bar and watching all of the Mexican taco magic take place.

The menu offers the same great tacos as enjoyed at La Taqueria, but also offers additional appys, mains, and desserts. Having enjoyed a selection of their tacos, I can attest that the quality and standards match that of their original brand. My favorites still remain Pollo Con Mole, Pescado, Tinga De Hongos, and Rajas Con Crema. Additionally, we all shared appetizers of their guacamole and chips, which are deliciously been made in-house daily. Finally this was all washed down by one of their delicious and refreshing must-have Mojitos.

Overall, we were really impressed with our dinner at La Mezcaleria. It offered the same great food as enjoyed at La Taqueria but elevated with a much more enjoyable sit down dining experience.

The Rating: La Mezcaleria scored a 4.5 on ambiance, a 4 on menu, a 3.5 on price, a 4 on presentation, and a 5 on taste generating an overall score of 4.

The Quote of the Day: “My mouth is filled with so many subtle flavors.” Janelle

The Website: http://www.lamezcaleria.ca





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